I thought we (as design/product/engineering folk) had decided what it meant. It was in the past and we all had our heads around the concept. In my mind at least, it was as factual as saying monolith apps aren’t really a great idea, especially for growing systems maintained by multiple developers/teams.

Then, when you get into conversations with various stakeholders – from Product Owners, to Analysts and Engineers you realise getting consensus around MVP is quite a whirlwind. I was so wrong, or maybe somewhere in the middle. It was always going to be a long winding road with no end in sight, we all see differently anyway, which is the beauty of humanity and our collective growth. It is a bit of a debate between whether MVP stands for Minimum or Minimal Viable Product.

From my perspective, it has to be the right selection of features for the best persona that can get your product selling. Yes, that’s the first iteration.

I will be updating this post later. As I prefer not to save drafts that I would never come back to, I am publishing this little thought bubble.