I have been designing and developing the web since the 1990s with a focus on UX/CX and Service Design over the last decade. I hold a Post-grad degree in HCI from University College London and have worked as an Interaction Designer in the UK. More importantly I have tirelessly worked with clients like Google and scores of startups in several timezones to help their users with pain-points.

My UI design work so far includes complex web and mobile UIs for E-Commerce, Finance, Telecoms, BPO, Health care, and real estate to name a few. I firmly believe in paying the utmost consideration to ‘context’ for crafting UIs and experiences that are relevant to the audience. The same is also reflected in my teaching, consulting, mentoring, and speaking engagements.

Confession: I love iterating my own designs after observing people interacting with UIs and products I have crafted. My guilty pleasures thus include ethnographic research methods along with working closely with all stakeholders to optimise products and services.